Napoleon Wilkerson

Erin Hollaway Palmer

  • Born: 1868 (approximate)
  • Died: 10 June 1931
  • Birth Place: Richmond, Virginia
  • Death Place: Richmond, Virginia
  • Spouse: Hessie (Spears) Wilkerson
  • Parents: J. D. Wilkerson (though his brother Elijah's father is listed as Andrew Wilkerson on his death certificate), Adelphus/Adelphia (sp?) (Gordon) Wilkerson
  • Children: Frances Wilkerson
  • Other Family: Elijah Wilkerson (brother)
  • Occupation: Laborer
  • Church:
  • Affiliations:
  • Address: 503 North Sixth Street
  • Documents: Census (1880, 1920); city directories
  • Military Service:

Notes: Napoleon's mother worked as a cook in the household of the Rev. James K. Hazen, a Presbyterian minister from Massachusetts. She, Napoleon, and his brother Elijah were living with Hazen's family in 1880.

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